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To bring humans to fall in love with their natural external self


Remember to Breathe


To live in a holistic society without debts to the Earth or other living beings or other generations.

Philosophical Grounds

There is no problem with the environment, only with one species in the environment. To reach the cause of the environmental crisis the way we think and act must be amended.

Any anthropologist or psychologist will tell you that the psychological state of a people is almost wholly influenced by the environment in which it lives. An art expert will tell us that the human mind tends to project itself on that same environment. Put simply,
/> poor eyes see dirt, rich eyes see diamonds,
poor hands destroy, rich hands create,
a poor mind is conditioned, a rich mind is free to invent,
a poor heart wants and a rich heart wants to give.

This is my definition of poverty and wealth. If this is true then social injustice leads to environmental injustice and social impoverishment leads to environmental impoverishment. We are part of the environment and the more of us there are the greater our impact on our exterior.

Poverty is a state of mind. Poverty is a paradigm that certain cultures or subcultures create around themselves to ensure the status quo, to abate any attempt to or even the desire to change. The educational elements of the culture, such as the family, schools and religions, and social norms themselves become corrupted or neglected. In confusion individuals suffering from poverty tend to proclaim that they want a richer life but act as if they want a poorer life. They see little value in their wealth and are happy to destroy it.

The solution to this paradox is to revive the culture’s educational elements so that the next generation will recognise their wealth and have the power to determine their optimum future.

Project Focuses:

A holistic problem needs a holistic solution. Selva Chi aims to work in four general areas of education:

Lead a good example – By conserving forest habitat, by reforesting, by creating a diverse organic orchard, by using clean renewable energy, by using local, reused and natural building materials as much as possible and by believing in people and supporting the community in its development all help to break previous paradigms and provide a healthy model to draw from when making future decisions.

Inspiration – walking through beautiful diverse gardens and forest, participation in sporting and other cultural activities and courses for the hands, mind and spirit, all aim to excite, inspire, energize and open doors that set the imagination free.

Understanding – With courses as varied as learning mechanics by climbing a giant forest tree, discovering the value of natural resources by harvesting, cooking and eating wild food and practicing good habits by maintaining their own food garden each day while living in a house made from naturally dead trees and recycled timber, illuminated by a wind generator, bathing under collected rainwater and irrigating their garden with grey water from their house, coming to a better understanding will be as easy as drinking a tall grass of Chontilla juice.

Good practices – By working with families, schools, sports clubs, farms and businesses: through education and working together, step by step habits that put nature first will become second nature.