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Location, Climate and Geophysical Characteristics.

Selva Chi is located 10 kilometres Northwest of Muisne, in the South of Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador. At approximately 0° 41'N and 80° 03'W, it is in a moist coastal equatorial climatic zone. It consists of 2 blocks of land, 4km apart, together totalling approximately 50 ha.

Average temperatures in the area are approximately 28ēC (max.) to 22ēC (min.) throughout the year. The zone has a high susceptibility to erosion due to the fine clay soils and hilly terrain. During the wet season landslides are common.

The block Selva Chi (Chi Forest) is 1.5km from the coastline, with direct access to the road to Cabo de San Francisco. Relief is from 8m to 125m above sea level. It is hilly with a gentle gradient in most areas. There is approximately 700m of creeks with permanent or near permanent water. The soil is poor literal clay soil, in general of 1 to 2 metres depth, with a base of fragmented compressed clay. Precipitation varies from 2500mm/annum in the lower section nearer to the sea, to 3000mm/annum in the higher parts furthest inland. The dry season is variable in intensity and duration from year to year, but typically is well marked and lasts from August to December.

The block Bosque Enredado (Entangled Forest) is 3km from the coast and approx. 5km north of Selva Chi. It has no vehicular access, the access is via a communal foot path of approx. 4km. It has a relief from 80m to 230m above sea level, with terrain from hilly to escarpments in parts. It has 700m of creeks with permanent water, between 4 courses. Soil is fine grey clay in most parts to red clay on the tops of the hills, in general of approx. 2m depth, with a base of conglomerate under the red soils. Average annual precipitation is approx. 4000mm with a mild dry season from August to December.

El Bosque Enredado (left)