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43 After cracking the middle out of the $140 impellar
44 He and his assistant proceded to dismantle my pump
45 The piston and rings had been broken. He gave me 6 parts to buy in the province that might have them
46 Plan B, a neighbour had a pump that he reckoned would do the job
47 But it needed a new outlet piece which took two days to find and then another day to buy new oil. Didnt work!
48 I travelled with my pump in pieces to the province of Santo Domingo
49 And got me a brand new pump (ouch!) which which I travelled with overnight back to the farm
5 cutting mesh
50 We put it all together
51 21 days after the minga finished the pump was working but we couldnt fill yet! (10th June)
55 With so much time dry, we had to apply a fresh coat of cement (no sand) to the uncured wall
56 like this
57 The next day we pumped and it cut out just before filling. That night a crack opened up and was gushing hard. Next day it was this full
6 mesh on reinforcing
7 preparing walls
8 hoisting the walls
9 working on walls
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