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25 Tank entrance for the workers supporting the cement
26 Erica prepared the lunch of steamed fish, rice, vegies and fruit from the garden and banana vinegar
27 The cement at this stage is about as strong as a wet paper bag
28 Day 2, the inside layer, just as Antonio and Erica are applying a sandy batch of cement
29 Sieving the sand before mixing
3 slab pour
30 Inside layer almost finished.
31 That night I measured the air release and at 4am travelled to town to buy the part
32 On the third day they did the second outside layer. They assured me they worked until dark
33 This is what it looked like the next day
34 Day 4, carrying sand up to the site
35 Pouring it into the tank
36 Adding sacks of cement and buckets of water
37 more fun than 3 pigs in a mire
4 mesh laid
40 The day after the Minga the tank HAD to be filled. After 1hr pumping lost pressure and started leaking oil
41 Spent a couple of days fiddling with it, changed the oil, but I had to face the inevitable
42 I took it on the ranchera 3hrs to town and I let the mechanic at it (cringe!)
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