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Which Kind of Visitor are You?

Tourist: This visitor may stay for a day or a year enjoying the gardens, forest, food, sea and local area as she/he pleases. There are no commitments other than the Sustainable Living Rules and the tariff which is $12/night/person including breakfast.

Volunteer: This person is interested in learning about sustainable living in rural Ecuador and is willing to help with the daily activities of Selva Chi and/or in the local school as a means of learning. A volunteer will participate in tasks related to nature conservation, agriculture, building, education and cross-cultural understanding. There will also be ample time for socializing, trips to town, wildlife observation, hikes and spending time at the beach. Cost is $300/1st mth and $180/mths thereafter which covers training, accommodation and meals. This may be negotiable in some cases.

Missionary/Intern: This kind visitor wishes to donate her/his skills and time to the sustainable development of Selva Chi and it's community. He/she has a specialized skill or is a professional in an area that can further develop Selva Chi and its community. Perhaps a builder in natural materials who wants to build a lookout tower in a tree, an entomologist/photographer who can help us identify and catalogue insect species, a teacher who wants to work with the local children, an expert in Melipona bees who can collect new species and identify them, a hydrologist who wants to build a dam and water drainage system, a basket weaving teacher who can find materials and run a course for local people, someone who can build a new small business and market a new sustainable product or a renewable energy engineer who might like to build a water/wind powered generator. This person will have a high level of commitment to the project she/he takes on and will guarantee staying to see it completed. They will not pay for accommodation and meals.

Researcher/Artist: This person may be researching for a PhD, writing a book or seeking creative inspiration. Costs will depend on the period of stay and how his/her activities contribute to Selva Chi's mission.