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Are We Compatible?

Everyone is sensitized and conditioned to different things. Two people could be walking along the same trail in its forest and one may be thinking "How amazing are these trees?" while the other is only thinking "These insects and mud are unbearable!" If you are not comfortable camping then you probably won't enjoy a stay here. A few visitors have not wanted to live in a sustainable way while here. Others have had a negative impact on the local community by their way of socializing.

This Project is primarily environmental and secondly community based. If your heart is for the environment, other peoples and humanity in general then you will probably be compatible with our aims. If you have something to contribute to the community and wish to have a positive impact on another culture, if you believe the human spirit is stronger than its vices and capable of changing toward a more just and meaningful life, if you have an open mind, a desire to learn, get yourself dirty and sweat without worrying about small discomforts, if you want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, it is very likely that you will fit in very well here in Selva Chi.

Since alcohol and smoking (tobacco or other) are addictive, habit-forming, harmful to the health and causes of severe social and family degradation in Tongorachi and communities all over the world, all visitors to Selva Chi while socialising are required to refrain from smoking and limit alcohol to a maximum of one drink at a sitting.

A volunteer left Selva Chi after finding this little guy (the leaf ribs are an inch apart) while working on the farm. If you are like that it might be better that you look for a tamer experience.

Ask yourself honestly the following questions:

  1. Am I a nature lover and therefore willing to collaborate with all the conservation rules in Selva Chi?
  2. Am I an energetic and careful worker?
  3. Am I sensitive to and non promoting of outside social diseases that usually come with tourism and a boosted economy?
  4. Am I prepared to go outside my comfort zone in order to learn?
  5. Do I understand that I will be participating in a sustainable development project and not tourism?
  6. Am I a positive, proactive person?

If you can answer “Yes” to all of these questions you will be a genuine help to the project and the community.

So if hard work and simple living don't turn you green …..

Hop to it!

Just complete and send me the following form and I will get back to you ASAP.

Selva Chi Farmstay Reservation Form

Email address
I am applying as ... Tourist (write N/A beside the irrelevant questions below)
Volunteer     Missionary / Intern     Researcher / Artist
Alone? Or number in group
Will you have your own tent with fine mosquito net? Yes        No
Expected arrival date
Please confirm your placement 2 – 3 weeks
before your arrival date or it may be given
to another applicant.
Expected departure date
Minimum stay is 1 month.

Are there any types of work
mentioned that you think you
would not be able to help with?

Do you have any special
skills or knowledge that you can offer?

If 5 is a native speaker level,
how would you rate your level
of spoken Spanish?

If 5 is a native speaker level,
how would you rate your level
of spoken English?

I promise not to smoke or drink
excessively while in Selva Chi/

Do you have any special dietary
requirements or health needs?

What attracts you to Selva Chi?

What are three goals that you
would most like to achieve from
your stay at Selva Chi?

Any other comments?